Our Story

Started in 1973, Pelkin’s Smokey Meat Market in Crivitz Wisconsin, is a full service butcher and custom meat processor and has become a ‘must stop’ for those camping, hunting and grilling out in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Why You Should Stop By

We will ALWAYS do our best to see that you are 100% satisfied. At Pelkin’s Smokey Meat Market, we comply with all state regulations. Our facility is federally inspected and HACCP certified. We offer custom meat processing from beef, pork, lamb, and goat to wild game butchering, (beef chilled and dry-aged, pork hickory smoked and sugar cured, and wild game sausage or steaks). Also, we also offer custom butchering from whole, half, split half beef (market price), and whole, half hog (market price). We will walk through every step of the process and tailor every order to your specific wants. Wrapping can be freezer paper wrap or vacuum packed.

We have a state-of-the-art Venison hanging cooler with a capacity to hang 325 animals, and we handcraft fresh and smoked sausages, using USDA Choice cuts of meat. We offer a wide variety to choose from with over 70 flavors of bratwurst and over 30 flavors of snack sticks. There are many other services we offer which include a variety of MSG-free and nitrate-free smoked products, smoking and curing of fish and turkey, a fresh meat counter with select cuts of American meat, cut daily in-house to ensure quality, grass-fed beef and lamb select cuts of meat, a wide variety of fresh and saltwater fish and seafood, and also we offer a full North Woods Country store with numerous of spices and cheeses. You’ll love our EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE PRICES. Come shop and compare our prices to your local supermarket’s. You’ll find our prices offer you higher quality cuts of beef and pork at prices that won’t roast your budget.

Terry Butts

The patriarch of the business

Allan Butts

Current Owner