Wild Game Processing

Deer Processing

Pelkin’s Smokey Meat Market, located in Northern Wisconsin, offers wild game processing for your fresh wild game – specifically deer meat. We have a state-of-the-art Venison hanging cooler with a capacity to hang 325 animals. We take special care to ensure you get the finest custom meat processing with choice cuts of meat from your animal. We also offer curing and smoking of fish and turkey.

With our location in Northern Wisconsin (Crivitz), we can easily serve hunters throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

**We’re accepting full carcass deer (hide on & bone-in) for ALL deer seasons.

**We will be accepting boneless wild game meat YEAR-ROUND (anything- fowl, venison, bear, elk, moose, wild boar-anything)

Meat Processing Steps

**Please note that weights on your sausage order is figured before pork or beef is added. For example, for every 10 pounds of your meat, you will receive 16 to 17 pounds of billable product depending on the item. This excludes jerky and dried venison. All sausage products are subject to weight loss from smoking.